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Child Sponsorship

Work For Love reaches children, their parents, their families and their communities in Cape Town, South Africa. Many of our beneficiaries are refugees from other countries and therefore their community back home in i.e. Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique are also reached.

Find out how you can sponsor a girl or boy or a class and make a difference in their lives and futures.

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How your sponsorship helps

Every child has the right to a life free from poverty. When you sponsor child through Work For Love, your donation is funding Work For Love's life-changing Family Centre where children attend a quality pre- and primary school and parents are enabled to sustain nurturing families. These nurturing families are in turn changing the life of their community. A programme that makes it possible for children in our community to access their basic rights.

Transform a child's world. (click to open a child's page)

Become a child's sponsor today

When you sponsor a child, you empower an entire community to lift themselves out of poverty.

Sponsoring a child is a rewarding experience.

You have the chance to help entire families develop the skills they need to create positive change for generations. Your monthly donations will help fund the Family Centre which caters to the specific needs of our families, covering the areas like holistic education, skills development, job creation and child care and referral to other organisations as needed. Your sponsored child acts as a community representative and won't receive special treatment over other children.

When we develop our programmes, we involve the family and community members from the start, ensuring we understand – and address – any challenges they face. We'll combine your monthly donation with our other sponsors' so that families have the best chance to overcome poverty in the long term.

There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life Sister Mary Rose McGeady

Work For Love Sponsorship Booklet – 2017

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