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Work For Love

Work For Love is a holistic education, skills and enterprise development organisation for low income families.

Work For Love Centre

At the Work For Love Family Centre, a 2 acre property next to the township, we offer holistic education, skills and enterprise development for low income families; especially unemployed parents and their children (3-8years).


A nurturing family for every child


Enabling parents to sustain nurturing families.


Facilitate positive change in the social, economic, emotional and spiritual life of families. Eradicating poverty one family at a time.

Become a member

We invite you to join Work For Love and form a circle of support, promotion and accountability around the organisation.

Please complete the membership form and e-mail/deliver or post it to the Work For Love office together with a proof of payment of the annual membership fee of R 20. You will receive a letter of acceptance once your application has been reviewed and approved by the Work For Love Steering Committee which meets once a quarter.

Our highest endeavour is to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility-these three forces are the very nerve
of education R. Steiner


Work For Love uses a holistic approach to education and development based on the Waldorf educational impulse.

We work closely with the Friends of Waldorf Education, the Centre for Creative Education, Learn to Earn and Poverty Stoplight

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A long, healthy and happy life is the result of making contributions, of having meaningful projects that are personally exciting and contribute to and bless the lives of others.
Hans Selye