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Making Dreams Come True

From Work For Love to Bhongolethu Foundation – 1/11/2017

This is the story of how bringing forces together empowers the community, taking education in Masi to the next level. Come 2018 we will introduce our second primary school class taking our educational plan for Masi to the next level.

This comes after the decision to join forces with Bhongolethu School bringing together the strengths of both organisations to build a bigger and better educational institution, allowing for growth the move takes us one step closer to our dream of having a full primary school in Masi.

Operating under the name Bhongolethu Foundation, we are consolidating our funding, infrastructure, staff and children. The new Bhongolethu will be using three premises for the children in 2018: the current Bhongolethu (North side) and Siyakhula (in the Heart of Masi) sites for the preschool children and the Lekkerwater Road Sites (South side) for Grade R, 1&2.

Tyler Sutcliffe of Bhongolethu will head up the new Bhongolethu School. Through this amalgamation children will have access to even more programmes to benefit their individual development including an age literacy and numeracy programme, music programme, swimming programme, veggie gardening and physifun movement group. The new Bhongolethu will also continue to offer our well-developed parent enrichment programme including the sewing, parenting and gardening workshops, teacher training and business mentoring.


Annual Report

Work For Love Annual Report 2017 – 1/11/2017

Bhongolethu Foundation Newsletter

Bhongolethu Foundation Newsletter – 1/10/2017

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Siyakhula Preschool
Primary School

Sewing and Life Skills


Am good in both theory and sewing. I did top stitching which I love to practice most. Nothing to complain everything is going good with me when my teacher is there. She is doing the best.

The good thing is that I am learning to sew. I am loving every moment of it. I am learning new things. I hope to pass everything with flying colours. I have the passion in designing my own family clothes and also in future, I am wishing different to start a small business making clothes for different cultures.

I learn a lot that I didn't how to sew and is good to work with a group of different cultures so that we can learn together and learn to respect each other. I am just enjoying to be part of this group learning skills and it is a blessing to me so I am enjoy a lot to be here.

It is good to learn and get something better for my life and future and this is going to put food on the table for my family one day. I feel bad when I don't know how to do the stitching, like the top stitching was giving a problem but now am fine.

Sewing is good for me because I am learning some skills that not everyone have and it will be able to feed me in the future and be able to afford the place of my own and my family.

The only bad thing is that it is going to take months or even years to get me employed as the course is taking too long the get the willing learners and we need income very urgently!!!

Enterprise Development


Rizia's comment: Thank you for sharing my happy soles post and a big thank you to Work For Love for the confidence and skill to pull this off. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Teacher's comment: Whenever I'm with my class I feel joy and happiness inside me because my children are so cheerful and as well as my colleagues.

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